Permanently Closed

Thank you & Farewell

We regret to advise that we have made the decision to close the doors of Walter’s Lounge, effective immediately.

To the staff, friends and family that have supported us over the years, thank you immensely.

To the customers that welcomed us into their lives, thank you for loving what we do and becoming part of our family.

To the customers that didn’t quite enjoy their experience at Walter’s, thank you for challenging us to become better, but, more importantly, thank you for keeping us humble.

Craig, Bec & Heath

Walter's Lounge AGFG Chef Hat 2017
Walter's Lounge AGFG Chef Hat 2018

Chef Hat Winner – Walter’s Lounge 2017 – 2018
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The experience at Walter’s Lounge is all about delicious shared dining experiences, boutique wines and cocktails designed to bring back thoughts of more risqué days. Come and visit us at Walter’s Lounge for a taste of something different.

Inspired by the good old days when going to your local was a little bit naughty and the words ‘Volstead Act’ brought cold sweats among many an honest gentleman or lady. We look forward to welcoming you all.

Walter’s Etiquette

  • Please keep the volume of your conversation at a reasonable level and please refrain from swearing.
  • Please do not click, whistle, swear at or caress Walter’s Lounge staff… no matter how much you’d like to.
  • Whilst children are welcome, we ask that you please respect the experience of other guests by ensuring your children are not running through the restaurant or making excessive noise – this includes using tablets and phones with the volume on!
  • In the unfortunate event we have to turn you away, please understand it is not because we do not want your business but rather we want to stay in business by offering the right ambience and best possible service to everyone enjoying their Walter’s Lounge experience.
  • We do not split bills for groups larger than 4 people.
  • If you do not arrive within 30 minutes of your reservation, please understand that your reservation will be cancelled and the table given to other waiting customers.

Walter's Lounge